PPC Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Adwords Advertising Budget

PPC Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Adwords Advertising Budget

Google Ads is a powerful tool for both online and offline businesses. Just like any other marketing strategy, you need to know the best way to use it to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Optymizer has put together this list of tips for you to create a successful campaign and increase your company’s ranking within search engines.

PPC Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Adwords Advertising Budget

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

The more specific the keywords you choose, the more targeted your advertising will be and the more likely it is that potential customers are searching for exactly what you offer. This means that you’ll get a higher return on your ad spend (ROAS) because people who click through to your site are much more likely to convert into new customers or returning ones.

Set Reasonable Daily Budgets & A Tight Budget Cap

Reaching $0 spending is not the goal of Google Ads – in fact, quite the opposite – so unless you’re just testing out some ads rather than actually trying to sell anything, set your daily budgets too low can really hurt your ROI by killing off any chance of showing up in the results.

Optimize Your Ad Copy

This may seem obvious, but you need to have a strong call to action within each ad for it to work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different words or phrases, just be sure that at the very least your ads are saying the same thing so people don’t get confused when they’re looking for something specific.

Be Selective With Where You Show Your Ads

Just because an ad got someone’s attention doesn’t mean they’ll click through – in fact, Google tells us that only 2% of people who see an ad will actually convert into a customer if the cost per click is higher than $1. On top of this, certain locations might not be as valuable as others for you and your business. For example, if you’re trying to sell a product that’s specific to the USA only – then you should only target those regions.

Track Your Advertising Campaigns Daily

Tracking daily breakdowns can help you identify trends and make any necessary adjustments to your campaign: such as increasing or decreasing bids on certain keywords, or changing how much you spend each day. You could even experiment with different ad copy and landing pages to see what results in the best conversion rate.

Run split tests to optimize your campaigns

A/B testing is a really effective way of testing out different approaches to your advertising campaigns. You can test everything from different ad copy to the landing page that people are directed to after they click on an ad, to see what works best for you and your business.

Learn more about A/B testing here: https://www.optimizely.com/ab-testing

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile Searches

Did you know that 74% of all searches made on Google’s search engine now come from mobile devices? If you don’t have a responsive website that looks good and loads quickly no matter what device it’s being viewed on then you’re missing out on potential conversions and customers.

Optimize Your Ad Extensions For Mobile Devices

Just like with your landing pages, you need to have ad extensions that work on mobile devices for people to notice your ads. Whether it’s showing the location of your business, or more specific information about a product or service – having these things will give customers an incentive to click through which might not otherwise be there.

Track And Monitor Your Campaigns With Google Analytics & The Google Search Console

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for helping you understand how users are interacting with your website and even spending their time within certain sections of the site. You can then use this data to create goals to see what works best when it comes to increasing conversions and sales with your Adwords campaign.

Google Search Console is also very helpful for tracking data such as impressions, clicks, and CTRs which can help you to identify underperforming keywords and correct any problems with your site that could be causing it to not show up in search results as well as it should.

Be Specific About The Products You’re Advertising For

For example – if you want people to click on an ad to find out about a luxury holiday resort in the Caribbean, don’t make the mistake of advertising for all resorts. It’s better to focus on one specific type like “luxury beach holidays” or “chic all-inclusive holidays” because this will give potential customers a much more relevant and targeted experience when they do finally click through.

Optimize Your Adwords Campaign For The Long Term

You should only spend your money on ads if you’re confident in the direction of your business. If you can’t forecast what’s going to happen 6-12 months down the line then it might not be worth investing too much into advertising. It’s better to start small with a limited budget and increase how much you are spending when you’re sure that this will bring positive results for your business.

There are many different ways in which you can improve your Google Adwords campaign, depending on what kind of company or business it is that you run. It can seem like there is so much information out there about what to try and do – however, these 5 steps will help to ensure that you’re able to create an advertising campaign that gets noticed by potential customers and increases your company’s visibility within the search engine results pages.

Create a sense of urgency within your ads

Learning to write “sales” copy that creates a sense of urgency within potential customers is one of the best ways to get them to click on your ads. For example – if you’re advertising the latest sale that’s happening in your store, try using phrases like “for a limited time only”, or “while stocks last”.

Showcase Testimonials From Customers Who Have Already Tried Your Product Or Service

People are far more likely to click on an ad if it includes feedback from satisfied customers who have already tried out what you have to offer. This will not only convince other people who might be considering giving it a go but also give search engines even more reason to rank your company higher within their pages.

Pay attention to your competitors’ ads & strategies

Look at the ads that are ranking higher than yours for certain keywords and try to emulate their style. You will often find that they have used specific language within their ads which have helped them to attract more clicks on average, so take notes of this and implement it into your own campaign where applicable.

Test Your Ads For Maximum Uptake And Conversion

A/B testing is a great way to improve how much you are spending with Adwords because it allows you to determine exactly what kind of copy or visuals are showing up within the search engine results pages. At the end of each day, the optymizer automatically calculates your high-performing ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – suggesting changes to make them even better.

Use call extensions & Google location targeting for local businesses

Call extensions are a great way to increase the number of responses that your ads generate because it enables you to provide potential customers with your phone number right there within the results pages. Google Adwords location targeting is ideal for local businesses, as people who are searching will be able to find out more about what you have on offer in their area.

Offer coupon codes or free shipping for specific customers, locations, etc.

Google Adwords has a range of different tools which you can use to target specific customers depending on where they are in the world, what language they speak, what kind of searches they have been conducting and so much more. For example – if you run an online store, you could offer free shipping for customers who live within a certain radius or write ads that include information about coupon codes that can be used against their purchase. Once again this is another great way to entice potential customers over from the search engine results pages into your eCommerce website or storefront.

Try remarketing for maximum ROI on leads that visit your site but don’t convert

Remarketing is a wonderful way of running targeted ads to people who have visited your website or looked at your services but haven’t made any kind of purchase. This means that you’ll be able to advertise to more of the right people, ultimately making it cheaper for you to get more conversions.

Optimize your ad campaigns using keyword data

Keep track of which ads are working the best by using the Keyword tool found within Google Adwords – this will allow you to find specific keywords that have been used previously to generate a high click-through rate, as well as discover new ones along with a recommended bid amount.

Try adding a phone number onto your landing pages

Putting a “click to call” button on your landing page is another great way to increase conversions from those who do not convert from their first visit. It’s often much easier for people to simply pick up the phone and speak with somebody as opposed to filling out an online form – it is because they want further information about your services, they are asking for a quote, or anything else.

Be sure to structure your ad groups and campaigns in the best way

If you’re struggling with how to set up your Google Adwords ad groups and campaigns then optymizer can help – we’ve put together comprehensive reports which will allow you to see where things could be made more effective as well as give advice on how to fix them. Optymizer is there to make life as easy as possible for those who use PPC advertising; we review the performance of ad groups and multiple keywords within specific ad copy so that you can find out which ones should be given preference over others, therefore ensuring that not a single penny goes wasted!  

Optymizer spends time fully analyzing the data to provide you with a complete overview of how your Google Adwords campaigns are performing.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to ensure that you receive constant improvements so that you can get better results from each campaign with every passing day.

Optymizer is an online tool that allows business owners to discover more about their existing PPC ads and also improve them using tips, advice, and recommendations designed to increase conversions. Our team comprises digital marketers who have come together to solve all of your potential problems when it comes to advertising on Google Adwords. If you would like us to take a look at your particular campaign(s) then head over to our website at optymizer.com and we will endeavor to help you as soon as we possibly can!

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