How can you use an SEO snapshot report to dominate your local Market!

How can you use an SEO snapshot report to dominate your local Market!

Do you want to know how you can use an SEO snapshot report to make big changes in your website or blog?

Well, let me tell you! When I first started my online business, it was difficult for me to understand how search engine rankings work.

I didn’t have an understanding of what keywords were and had no idea about the importance of content. This is when Alignment Online Marketing came into my life with their amazing SEO snapshot report service that helped me get a better grip on everything.

What’s so great about this service is that it will show you all the information you need to know like keyword data, ranking, and more to optimize your website for top search engine results pages. It has been made very clear to me that the most important part of my online marketing strategy is an SEO snapshot report.

#1 – What’s in it for you?

I know most people are skeptical about change and this is understandable. If you look at your website or blog, there might not be a whole lot to improve on at first glance, but if you take a deep look at the numbers, there’s a lot more than you think. While it is true that SEO snapshot report will show you important data of search engine optimization like keywords and rankings, here are some of the other benefits as well:

– Helps improve your ranking in Google

– Will provide you with an easy way to use keyword research tools

– Will help you improve your website content

– Helps to create and maintain a high-quality backlink profile

If you want to find out if your SEO snapshot report contains any of these items, check out Alignment Online Marketing’s services today! For the best results, always ask them for a free consultation. After all, it’s better to check out your options before you make a final decision, isn’t it?

#2 – Why is a professional SEO snapshot report important to your business?

There’s a reason why I keep talking about the importance of an SEO snapshot report. When I first started my online business, I didn’t have any clue what keywords were. In fact, I didn’t even think that keywords were a big part of this whole process.

 I started making little changes here and there, but these were just small, insignificant changes that didn’t make much of a difference in the end. This is when I found out about the SEO snapshot report. As soon as Alignment Online Marketing began to help me out and showed me all the data I needed to know, I finally started making some real progress.

Keyword research is an important aspect to keep in mind when you are seeking success. The SEO snapshot report will show you how many times your website or blog has been searched for. It stores this information in a big database so that you can easily know how to improve your ranking on Google.

#3 – How Alignment Online Marketing will give you an edge over the competition?  

I know other companies offer SEO snapshot reports, but I chose Alignment Online Marketing because of their impressive track record. Here’s what they’ll do for you:

– Create a custom SEO report for your website or blog

– Deal with competitors to keep them from stealing your search engine ranking position

– Track keyword rankings in Google

– Help get you quality backlinks and don’t use low-quality ones.  

This is very important because low-quality backlinks can harm your reputation on the Internet and cause a drop in ranking results.

#4 – What are the benefits of an SEO snapshot report?  

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to find out more about what this particular service can do for you.  Here is a list of all the wonderful things your SEO snapshot report will help you accomplish:

– Find out who your competitors are and what you need to do to beat them

– Get a detailed report based on the keywords and competitors sites that are relevant to your niche

– Stay informed about when any changes take place with your ranking.

Here’s some good news: Alignment Online Marketing will show you all the information you need, so put your mind at ease.

#5 – Who will benefit most from an SEO snapshot report?

I know I’ve talked about how important this service can be, but who else should use it? In my opinion, any business that wants to stay up with the latest trends and technology should at least try out an SEO snapshot report. While it is true that not all businesses need it, if you want to stay ahead of the game in any industry, you should use this service.  

#6 – How can I find out more about SEO snapshot reports?

If you’re still unsure about whether or not an SEO snapshot report is right for your business, don’t worry.  Simply go to and read the reviews from other business owners.  This will assure you that this service is right for you and can help make a decision easier.

#7 – What if I still have questions about the SEO snapshot report?  

If you’ve gotten this far, that probably means that you already know how important SEO snapshot reports can be. If you still have any questions about it, you can always contact Alignment Online Marketing.  They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and will even offer suggestions if you don’t know what to do next.

Alignment Online Marketing is a highly reputable company that I trust with all of my own projects! If you’re looking for an effective way to increase traffic on your website or blog and to make it more visible on Google, you should give them a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Interested in outsourcing your content marketing but don’t know where to start? Read this guide for everything you need to know.

Guide: How To Outsource Your Content Marketing

I know you might be reading through this and wondering why anyone would outsource writing their content anymore. In fact, I was the same way until I finally understood that outsourcing is not about doing a task in some short amount of time or even for a fraction of the cost that it would take to do it yourself. It’s about gaining easy access to skilled writers who can create high-quality content for you.

What is included in the free SEO snapshot?

Business Details

See how your business details are found across the web and if all the listings are accurate.


Get a high-level look at the local listings on top search engines and maps. You can easily navigate to edit or add any listings online.

Listing Presence

Get an overview of all your listings across the web, along with a ratio of positives to negatives.

Related Businesses

Discover business details on sites related to yours and learn about possible new partnership opportunities.


Take a snapshot of your post rankings across the web. You’ll instantly see where you’re ranking and what’s helping you get there.


Learn more about the SEO snapshot report. The knowledgebase includes FAQ, Glossary, and Support sections to assist you in getting the most from your report.

It is only when we can analyze the current state of our presence throughout the web where we can then take action to improve it. The data provided in the report is meant to be used as an effective tool for you to execute your SEO strategy.

Listing Accuracy

You’re going to want to know what websites are listing your business correctly and which ones aren’t. This is a great place to start!

Listing Presence

Are you listed on any local business directories? What about niche-specific sites related to your industry? Take a look at how many listings currently exist and where they are located across the world wide web.

The listing presence section can be helpful for you to start identifying which sites still need your business information and where these should be located. Listing sites like Yelp are becoming more important in the overall search engine algorithm, so it’s worth your time to make sure you’re listed correctly on their site if they don’t have correct phone numbers, addresses, website links, and more.

Incorrect Address

Listings can also be incorrect if they don’t contain your correct address. For example, many businesses at times list a PO Box number instead of the street address. This error will prevent you from ranking for local keywords that require a specific address to rank correctly.

Address with no City Name

It’s also important to understand that the address of a business does not have to be the city where that business is located. If your address is in one location but you do business within multiple cities throughout your local market, that’s okay!

It’s very important to look at this section and understand how many listings are using the correct address for your company. This will help you to focus on your local competitors in the area and understand how their listings are performing compared to yours.

Missing Address

Some sites do not require an address to be listed on their domain.

Incorrect Website

When your business doesn’t have a local website, the listing could display a homepage for your corporate site. In other cases, you may see a phone number that is connected to another office location in an adjacent state or even country. It’s important to understand how many listings are incorrect and then making sure that each of these is corrected quickly within the search engine results pages.

These incorrect listings can affect your search rankings and even how potential new customers are finding you on the web. The SEO snapshot report is meant to help you in understanding which of these have been corrected so you can start seeing more traffic coming directly to your business from local searches.

Missing Website

Many times, businesses that are located on a national website don’t have a listing within the search engine results pages.

This is another section to look over and understand which websites do not include your correct website address when you type in your domain. You can take action by requesting these be added directly through their support team or reaching out to each owner individually.

Listing Details

The listing details section can be very helpful in understanding the overall performance of your listings.

Data Provider Accuracy

Some data providers are more accurate when it comes to listing your business on their site.

This is a great example of how you can use the SEO snapshot report and compare different search engines to determine which ones have more accurate listings for your local business. In some cases, this could change from month to month based on new algorithm updates or simply new data providers coming online.

Listing Level/Category

Some listings contain more information than others, depending on the website or listing service. Make sure that all of your listings are complete and match what potential customers will be expecting to find when they search Google, Yahoo! or Bing for your local business.

Improving Your Listings

Remember, the main goal of this report is to ensure that your listings are accurate on each site.

If you discover incorrect information within these results pages, reach out to each owner individually and have them correct their data directly or submit a request through their support team for changes to be made. If you can see any listing owners using an incorrect address or not including your correct address, you can quickly reach out to these sites and request that they add the correct information in their database.

Online Reviews Found on Select Sites

Another great way to leverage these results pages is to look at the reviews that are listed on each website. You can do this by selecting a business and then looking for the product name or brand name in the search box.

The more reviews you have on your listing the better chance you will have of ranking well within your local market. Review information is also included within the organic listings that you will see across all of the search engines. Having this much information associated with your listing can help these sites to determine what location in your area is the most important for them to show up for local searches.

Reviews Found

If you want to see reviews found on sites other than the major search engines, there is a great comparison tool that you can use from Majestic SEO. Find this report under their business intelligence reports and create an account to explore how your business appears across 15+ different review websites.

The local listing section allows you to compare the listings across each of these sites.

Reviews Found Per Month

This comparison report will help you understand which of these sites tend to get the most reviews for your local business per month. This information can be used as a great way to determine how much time and money you should spend on each of these services to see an increase in online reviews, thus improving your overall ranking within Google search results pages.

Average Review Score

The average review score is also another important metric to look at. This information can be reported using a 10-point rating or based on the number of reviews that your listing has received.

This will go hand in hand with the total number of reviews you have received for your local business and how well each site converts customers into sharing their experience with other local users.

# of Review Sources

The last thing you want to track is the number of review sources that list your business for each specific product or service.

This report can help determine which sites bring in more overall reviews, thus allowing Google and other search engines to rank your site higher within their own results pages.

Social Do consumers like your business?

A quick way to find out is by checking your social media engagement. Social signals are an important factor that search engines now use in their rankings, so you may want to spend some time improving your presence on these sites.

The following report from Alignment can show you which social media networks are sending the most traffic directly to your website. This information can be used to help you decide which of these sites is the most important for your business.

Analytics Each site is looking at different information about your local company.

The best way to understand what each site is doing with this data is by reviewing their own analytics report(s). Although this may not tell you everything that they have in their database, it will give you a snapshot of the location information and reviews that are found within their own listings.

By viewing this information each site can then determine how they want to rank your website within their local search results pages.

You are going to need your business name, city name, and state abbreviation just like with the Google Analytics report above.

This report can be created from within the Google Analytics interface. Click on the red link above, then select More Settings in the Advanced section of their settings page. This will allow you to view the data found in each report for your selected products, including how many reviews are listed per product and which sites have those reviews.

By having this information you can track which sites are driving the most traffic to your online business listings, then determine what each site needs to promote your company as a local leader.

Likes vs. Reviews

Two different metrics can be measured here: likes and reviews. The number of likes is often used to determine how popular your page or account is within social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

The number of reviews helps others find you on various online search results pages. This information will change based on the relevance of your own business, so be sure to filter the results by location for the reports to provide the most accurate information possible

Social Media Are people talking about you?

Another report that is used for ranking purposes is social media chatter. This information can be found within each search engine’s own database and is integrated into their local listing systems.

This report will show you how many users have shared various pieces of content related specifically to your company. This can be anything from Twitter posts, blog entries or even a Facebook update about your business.

The more this information is circulated online the better your chances are at showing up higher within their own search results pages for local consumers searching for products that match your offerings.

Average Posts / Month How often do you post content online?

Another way that search engines are trying to know the relevance of a site is by tracking how often an active business will post new information. This can also be used to determine what type of products or services they offer their customers, as well as which sites return better results when someone searches for more details on your company.

The more content you can share about your business, the better chance you will have at appearing near the top of a search results page for local consumers in need of products or services that match your offerings.

Increasing Your Local Visibility on Social Media

By having this information within each social media site’s analytics report you can gain a better understanding of which local consumers are talking about your company and how you can increase the amount of chatter surrounding a specific business.

The best way to do this is by paying for advertisements that target those same users. Whether it is Twitter retweets or Facebook likes, these social media promotions allow businesses to show up in more local searches through targeted ads.

By using this report to learn how others are talking about your company, you can increase the amount of chatter around your online business and dominate the local market.

Average Likes / Post

This report can be found by searching for the Facebook or Twitter handle that you want to track, then selecting the insights option from within the search results page.

This will give you access to various information about your social media profiles, including the average number of likes per post and where those users are located.

These reports can help determine which posts are getting the most amount of attention so that you can choose your top candidates for local promotions, then target those same users during paid advertisements.

Social Media Reach How far is your information reaching?

Another report that can be located within the social media site’s analytics section includes a reach report. This information shows how many people saw a post or update from your company as it was being shared.

This information can be used to determine where your followers are located throughout the world, allowing you to focus efforts on those areas for the content posted to reach a broader audience.

By using this report you will be able to target local consumers that need products or services from your business and have them reach a broader audience through social media.

Reach Per Post How far is each post reaching?

Another way to measure the size of your reach is by understanding how many followers are seeing your postings from month to month. This information can be found within their insights section for each social media account, showing you exactly how far and wide information about your business is spreading.

For example, if you can see that 80% of your followers are located within a 50-mile radius of your business, it’s fair to assume that these same users will notice when you update them about an upcoming sale or special event.

Just being aware of this information helps keeps businesses ahead of the competition. By knowing how far and wide their reach is, they can place advertisements in areas that will save them money while still creating a larger reach around their business.

Average Social Interactions How much interaction are you getting?

Another important piece of information within the new update from each social analytics report includes the average number of interactions your followers are having with your content. This allows businesses to understand which types of posts and updates get the most amount attention.

Using this information will help you create better content that will be more interesting to your followers, leading them to have a higher number of interactions with each piece of information shared on social media networks.

Total Social Interactions How many are interacting?

This final bit of information that can be found within the social media analytics report shows how many interactions are taking place each month over a 12 month period. This will show your business if there is an increase or decrease in user interaction throughout time, allowing you to see what types of posts and updates are getting more attention and which ones are not being as well-received.

This information can be used to create an even more successful social media marketing campaign, tailoring your posting schedule and topics of discussion based on what generates the most amount of attention from your followers.

Website – Can your business website convert visitors into customers?

The first step in improving your website to make it convert more visitors is to create a funnels report. This information can be found within the Google Analytics section of your dashboard and shows you where people are dropping off throughout the process of them becoming a lead or customer.

A funnel will show you exactly what pages they are viewing which will give you a visual of where people are exiting your website.

Reducing Bounce Rate How can you reduce user-bounce?

One of the most important pieces of information that can be found within the website analytics section is the bounce rate report. This shows how many individuals leave a web page without viewing any other pages, allowing you to see what they’re clicking or what they’re reading before leaving.

One of the best ways to reduce this information is by creating landing page content that focuses on specific products and services your business offers. Knowing exactly what people want will help you understand why they are not sticking around, providing you with ideas on how to make them more interested in converting into a lead or customer.

Using this information will help you create better content that will be more interesting to your followers, leading them to have a higher number of interactions with each piece of information shared on social media networks.

Homepage Content

The homepage content report allows businesses to see what topics are getting the most attention on their website. This will help them create more interesting and engaging stories, leading potential customers to spend more time on their page.

Key business information found on your homepage

Will be the main focus of this information, allowing you to create a more effective and important structure that will keep your visitors attention for longer periods of time.

Mobile Performance How is your business doing on mobile?

Google has been stepping up its efforts to make sure businesses can optimize their website for mobile devices. You can now find detailed information within the Google Analytics section of your dashboard that shows how many individuals are using both iPhones and Android devices. This will help you tailor your site’s content to be more interesting for mobile users, helping you to increase your company’s sales numbers.

Desktop Performance How is your website performing for desktops?

The analytics section also provides information on how many individuals are using a desktop device to visit your company’s site. This will provide you with detailed information of what types of browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome are being used most often, allowing you to cater to the layout and content of homepage structure based on how your visitors are the most comfortable.

Page Speed Are your visitors leaving because your pages load too slowly?

Is a growing trend for Google to give preference to businesses with websites that load faster in mobile and desktop browsers. You can find this information within the analytics dashboard, allowing you to see how long it takes each page of your website to fully load so you can make adjustments based on what is taking so long.

This will allow you to make improvements to your site’s code, making sure everything loads quickly. This is important because nobody wants to wait for a webpage that they can load on their phone in just seconds, to take 10 minutes or more on a larger computer monitor.

Core Web Vitals What are your website’s core web vitals?

The analytics section shows you exactly how many people viewed the homepage or specific pages of your site. This will help you get a deeper understanding of how well you’re doing within search engine rankings. It can also show you which items on your site are getting the most attention, allowing you to build more engaging content for your followers, specifically based on what they are looking for.

Using the analytics dashboard is a great way to gain more knowledge about your business’ website. This information can give you important data that will help you make necessary changes to improve your company’s reach and influence within the market so you can get more people interested in becoming customers.

Ecommerce Can consumers instantly buy from you online?

Is extremely important to make sure that your business’ website is easy for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for. You can gain valuable information from the Ecommerce section of your analytics dashboard, which shows you how many people landed directly on your eCommerce page and spent time browsing through each page of your site until finally making a purchase. It can also show you how many times they clicked the ‘add to cart button, how long it took them to place an order and how much money was spent on average per order.

This information will help you create a more effective eCommerce layout that allows customers to find what they are looking for quickly without any confusion. You’ll be able to see how many individuals clicked on the ‘add to cart button as well, allowing you to optimize your site’s eCommerce functionality so that customers can easily buy what they want without spending a lot of time searching through your online catalog.

Advertising Do consumers know about your business?

You can gain valuable information from the AdWords Keyword Planner, which allows you to see how many people are searching for keywords that relate directly to your company’s business. You can also see how much competition there is on specific keywords and phrases used in searches relating to your site’s products or services.

This information is extremely useful when making improvements to your online advertising campaign. These reports can show you how many people are searching for keywords that relate directly to the products or services your company provides so you can create more effective ad copy and landing pages. Being able to see the exact amount of competition involved for specific keyword phrases will also allow you to make strategic changes to your online ad campaigns, increasing the number of people who click on your ads and convert them into paying customers.

Campaign Performance What are people saying about you online?

You can get valuable insight into how your social media campaign is performing using the social analysis report within the analytics dashboard. This report will show you how many people are interacting with your brand’s content as well as how much traffic was driven to your site from each page or post on your company’s social media accounts.

This information is extremely valuable when you want to make improvements to your social media campaigns so that you can get more people interacting with your brand’s content throughout the web. This will allow you to create more engaging posts and design stunning graphics so that consumers are more likely to share what you’ve created with their friends, family, and business associates. You may also decide to spend more or less money on your social media campaigns depending on how much influence each post got.

Retargeting Do consumers remember about your business?

The retargeting analysis report will show you how many people interact with your site’s ads, allowing you to make improvements that will boost the number of interactions as well as conversions. This information is extremely valuable when making changes to an online campaign so that you can get more individuals clicking on your ads and converting into paying customers.

This report will show you how many people on social media or search engines searched for a keyword that would relate to your business, allowing you to design more valuable ads and landing pages so that the volume of conversions increases as well. You can also find out how many times they clicked and viewed your specific ad, which allows you to make changes that will increase those numbers and create valuable marketing insights.

SEO Can consumers find you in search?

The SEO snapshot report will give you direct information about how your site is performing in search. You’ll be able to see the volume of traffic that keywords get, allowing you to optimize your website and create a more effective online marketing strategy. This report will also show you how many people clicked on each keyword within Google’s top ten results so that you can see which search results you need to try to rank higher in. This allows you time to start creating more effective content or alter your ad’s keyword strategy so that it provides more positive returns on investment. After seeing exactly how people respond to the keywords related to your company’s services, you’ll be able to make strategic changes so that the overall online marketing campaign is more effective.

The SEO snapshot report will show you how many social media shares, tweets and likes it received in addition to the number of people who clicked on each post so that you can make strategic changes that boost those numbers, which will increase your exposure throughout the web. This will allow you time to start creating more engaging posts or designing more valuable graphics so that you can get more traffic and leads from each social media post.

Organic Keyword Performance Are consumers finding your site organically?

The organic keyword performance report will show you how many people are searching for keywords that relate to your business so that you can tweak your search engine optimization efforts. With this information, you’ll be able to see which keywords get more traffic and leads and which ones don’t so that you can begin optimizing the most profitable keywords and eliminate the pointless ones. The report will also give you valuable insights into which keywords people type within the search bar, allowing you to find new opportunities that you might not have noticed before so that your website is more likely to show up in those searches as well.

To use an SEO snapshot report for successful online marketing, create a plan that outlines how you’ll use the information provided on the report so that you can make strategic changes to your website. Because SEO snapshot reports give you insights into how well your overall online marketing campaign is performing, it’s important to have a plan of attack when reviewing this type of report to direct those insights into positive results.

Organic Keyword Ranking What keywords does your business rank for?

The organic keyword ranking report will show you how well your website is doing within search engines, allowing you to make strategic changes to the site that will maximize its overall online presence. This information gives you details about the keywords related to your company and how many times they’ve been searched, allowing you to see which keywords are most profitable and which ones might be wasting your time. You’ll also see how many people clicked on each keyword so that you can find more effective ways to get your site to show up in searches for the keywords that matter most.

Use SEO snapshot reports as an opportunity to create a plan of attack based on the information within them. With this information, you’ll be able to create more effective strategies that get your site to show up in search results for the keywords that are most profitable so that you can start getting more traffic and leads with each search. That way, you’ll be ready to use those insights when reviewing future reports.

It’s important to use SEO snapshot reports as an opportunity for strategic changes. With this information, you’ll be able to create more effective strategies that get your site to show up in search results for the keywords that are most profitable so that you can start getting more traffic and leads with each search.

That way, when reviewing future reports, you’ll have a plan of attack already outlined!

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